Schlafsäcke Rab S7W


S Series Schlafsack

RAB's extensive knowledge of sleeping bag design and manufacture has been focused into producing a range of top quality synthetic bags that will excel for the discerning user operating in conditions where a damper climate is expected. By combining a Hyperlite 6.6 DWR outer with Polarguard 3D insulation in a shingle construction the optimum warmth to weight for synthetic insulation is gained. The inner is a soft and fast wicking polyester.


  • weight: 1350g
  • comfort: -7°C
  • dimensions: 230 x 80cm
  • packsize: 32 x 17cm

  • Hyperlite 6.6 DWR outer
  • Polarguard 3D insulation, the lightest, warmest and most durable of synthetic insulations
  • Polyester inner, soft, warm and fast wicking
  • Full length side zip with baffle
  • Shingle construction and large shoulder baffle maximises warmth
  • Sharksfoot construction at toe to maximise warmth
  • Supplied with compression sack and cotton storage sack

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