Zelte Ferrino PORTALEDGE


Ferrino Portaledge, created thanks to collaboration with Bubu Bole, big wall and ice-climbing specialist, has been made
taking into account the special needs of those needing to spend one or more nights on a rock face.
The use of top-performance materials and research into cutting-edge technical solutions has made it possible to reduce
the weight of the structure without weakening it, and also to reduce size for carrying while still maintaining a comfortable
space for use.


  • Roof and outer walls in Polyester
    Oxford 210
  • Rear wall in rip-proof, damp-proof and
    non-slip Supertex®
  • Double reinforcement in PVC in the
    points subject to greatest wear
  • Floor in rip-proof, damp-proof and
    non-slip Supertex®
  • Aluminium poles: diameter 30 mm
  • Structure connection joints in steel
  • 8 fastening points on the structure,
    with fast and easy strap adjustment
  • Support straps attached to a single
    fastening point on the rock face
  • Double compartment with two
  • Ventilation sleeves and openings
  • Storage compartment in the bottom

  • Places: 2
  • Max weight: 15 kg
  • Height: 200 cm

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